Wheelchair advice please

Excuse me, but I am in need of some newbie advice, so prepare for a rather long post. I am a Tolkien nut, fantasy geek, historian, singer and can’t wait to try LARP. However, I am also a partial manual wheelchair user. I know that I will be able to manage the camping side of things, but gutted that I won’t be able to fight (as an ex-fencer, I’m slightly sword-and-honour crazy).

Problem is, the Nation I identify with most is Wintermark, especially the Steinr. My plan was to come in as an apprentice smith, and if it was up to me, I’d pretend my wheelchair wasn’t there. However, as it is, do you reckon I could get away with a backstory which means I am unable to fight? Perhaps a glorious wound… :wink:
I envision my character as a weapons maker, but I thought it could be pretty perfect if I was also a Grimnir, which would tie into the whole “wanting to fight but having not to” thread. Want to get as close to the action as possible. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts? Do you reckon this would work?

p.s - soooo tempted to go for “I used to be an adventurer like you”, and I don’t even play…


There are other folks who make use of wheelchairs or who have limited mobility so I don’t think immersion is any sort of issue. If you want to have a reason for being in the chair then you can do, but you can also simply ignore it and others will too.

Welcome to Empire!

I think an old war wound is an excellent reason for not fighting. One option (and I realise this is possibly butting up against your stated desire to pretend the chair isn’t there) might be to go for “leg wound, can’t keep up with the warriors, this annoys me.”

You could get some fun in with Stories Of What I Did When I Could Still Fight - if the character personality’s swinging that way, “you should see what I did to the orcs who did it” might be an excellent response to any questions about why you don’t go to battles…

I concur with Pielord and MorkaisChosen, it’s entirely up to you if you want to not mention your wheelchair and feel free to use any story you like to explain why you’re a non-combatant. An old wound sound properly Wintermark to me :slight_smile:.

Oh one other bit of advice as it’s not marked on the official map, the wheelchair accessible toilet and shower is marked below, close to the disabled camping area.

Hope you enjoy yourself. Oh and remember there’s a new player session in Tavern on the friday between 4-8pm.

YES. Yes. This would work.

If you actually make the Skyrim arrow-in-the-knee joke then many people will laugh their asses off and wince slightly at the out-of-character reference. Playing it straight - preferably with a tale of glorious heroism concerning the number of orcs you slew and the number of comrades you lost that day - would be what I would recommend. Then you can make the reference out of character.

I’d also note that from a game mechanical point of view, the skills of a starting character - 8 character points - are those of a professional capable of competing in their field at a national level. If you want to roleplay being an apprentice, you can - and indeed many do - but don’t feel that you have to just because you’re a starting character.

If you do want to be an apprentice with no skills, remember that another character can teach you in play. You just have to roleplay being taught and then spend the points! I wonder if a ref might even be able to update your character for you to save the trip to the computers.

Mind you, if you start with Artisan then you get some free items at your first event which is a great asset.

Hello all,

Many thanks for such supportive replies - I was a bit nervous! It seems now that the only real decision I have to make is whether to acknowledge the fact that I am not fighting or not i.e. whether I want to make it part of my RP. I certainly wouldn’t want to be defined by it as a character, (let’s face it, many people still think that all wheelchair users are bitter and depressed anyway :wink: ), but it would be interesting to have a heroic backstory which I could use in a positive way - and give me a chance to play with some storytelling! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip about apprentices. I assumed everyone had to start at the bottom of the ladder, so to speak. In that case I will spend all of my points and come in at artisan level. That fits better with having had a fighting career already. Can any Wintermarkers tell me how I might best explore the smithing/healer option?

Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming!


One thought that just occurred to me - if you start with the Artisan skill, you’ll have three items at character creation. You could tell people they’re the battlegear you forged for yourself and used in your Past Heroic Exploits, and that you want them to carry on and have further Heroic Exploits to continue their legend. That’d suggest trying to find worthy people to wield them, rather than just selling them, so it’s more likely to work if you want to go down that generous benefactor of heroes and collector of stories route rather than playing the trade game.

All great stuff - keep it coming please! Just thought to mention that I won’t be showing up until September, in case you were expecting me (this?) weekend.

And you, and many of the other chair-mobile folk will be pleased to hear that the wheel-access ramp into the bar to reach its new floor level was completed today. Yes, the bar now has a floor that is not going to turn to mud. It might get covered in mud tracked in on our boots and wheels, but the whole thing is boarded now.

Have a look at the various Winds of War reports profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/378YE_Spring_Equinox_winds_of_war as there are battles you can weave into your injury story that will have meaning to other people.

Alternatively pick a nemesis like: profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Legendary_beasts#Hydra that you can have as your Moby Dick.

Physik + Artisan plus a mine/forest probably works well.
Physik allows you to treat traumatics and restore hits with rest and without herbs at Anvil which is useful and good game whilst Artisan tends to want resources funneled into it like no tomorrow

Resources, ranked by the amount of effort you need to put in to get optimum performance (and a vague idea of what that effort is)
*Business or farm - no effort. Receive money.
*Mine or forest - small effort. Cheap artisan items cost 7 to craft and you get 10 a season; saving up your excess and trading it for the materials for a bigger item (or for beer money) is absolutely a thing. Just make sure your mine or forest matches the 7-resource item you can make and you’re set.
*Herb garden - small effort. Herbs are in high demand but you’ll end up with a surplus of some and often people are just asked to donate herbs due to their small individual value (and when you need them, you really need them and nothing else will do).
*Mana site - medium effort. Mana is very valuable, but you need to find someone prepared to buy it in a coin that you want to own.
*Military unit - high medium effort. Your resource return is entirely random, and you may well be called upon to send your d00ds out for the army rather than raiding. To make this pay off you’ll need quite a bit of trading.
*Fleet - high effort. You choose your resource return, and it’s a little less than the other resources so you want to be tracking the markets.
*Congregation - highest effort. A congregation mostly gives you political power of a kind that doesn’t usually return money or assets, and liao, which is not particularly valuable.

Oooh, now that is an idea I like the sound of. Sort of a ‘questing beast’ kind of thing. Any idea which would be best? I need one/something that I could have seen to be injured by, without sounding completely loopy :wink: , but difficult enough that I can have it as a long-term arc. And obviously, I can’t do any actual fighting. :cry:

Thanks Taxellor and Iulian for the resource information - it all sounds very complicated. However, I have the impression that everyone is very friendly.

Excellent news womble! To be honest, I am just mightily impressed that you have an accessible shower.

Now I just need to work on backstory…

*Fleet - high effort. You choose your resource return, and it’s a little less than the other resources so you want to be tracking the markets.[/quote]

I’ll agree that fleets are high effort, due to the mixed production and choice of route, but mathswise some of the ports actually work out to very slightly more than other resources.

Volkavaar and Vezak are both 6/10 of a mine/forest + 3/7 of a mana site, for a total of 1.03x a regular resource income. [At least at level 1]

Okay, so bearing in mind I know relatively little about the in-game systems, I think I’ve come to the following conclusions.

  • I want to be a ‘veteran’ Steinr warrior with an old war wound (bearing in mind that I am actually only in my twenties) - now I have learnt how to do make-up FX, I am planning on having fun creating a realistic scar. There will be tales of my former deeds and battle songs, oh yes… :wink: I am a proud part changeling, who is not a little annoyed that I can no longer fight and earn honour in battle.

  • Therefore, I am going to have to change the direction of my skein (or risk becoming bitter and frayed :slight_smile: ) and learn how to earn honour in other ways.

  • My main wound has come from an Empire monster-beastie (not yet decided which- ideas welcome), so my primary goal in having the artisan skill (blacksmith) would be to create a magical weapon (or possibly artefact) which I could use/delegate to someone to wipe out said beastie once and for all. (My major RP plot arc)

  • I would also really love to become a Grimnir for my day-to-day RP plotline, as this would tie in beautifully with wanting to fight but not being able to. Can one of the Winterfolk tell me how to go about this?

  • I am going to choose Physik + Artisan + mine/herb garden. Now I’ve finally got to my question… is it more of a pain creating an artefact without a mine or being a Grimnir without a herb garden?

Oh, and I now have a name - say hello to Hildwyn! (Possibly Hildwyn Sword-Singer, given the whole “working to forge a weapon while singing to it of it’s glories” thing)

If you’re not on the battlefield, the majority of physick skill use will likely be fixing traumatic wounds, which doesn’t (usually!) require any herbs, and it’ll be much easier to find one herb you need right now than seven resources. I’d definitely take the mine; without that core of economic whatevers you’ll be reliant on commissions and find it diffcult to proactively make items without someone already paying you to do it.

There’s a side option on fleet, whcih can get you a bit of each, but I’d only go for that if you’re confident you can make something from the precise materials you get out.

Speaking of which, it’s worth making sure you can easily use your mine output! Useful options include Biting Blades and Orichalcum mines, or if you have a friend who you can strong-arm into taking a forest and handing over big piles of loot, the very nice Weltsilver+Ambergelt Oakheart Shield. (Cut them in on the profits, it’s only fair. :wink: )

It’ll also be worth making sure the 2-month no-resources item you can make is widely usable - you’ll be putting some time into one every season unless you do well on trading and so on, so having something you can sell or gift effectively is a good idea.

Thanks once more MorkaisChosen! I think I am finally getting my head 'round this. Ready for a really stupid question? When you ‘craft’ an item in downtime, do you actually have to create a phys-rep of each item you make? I can imagine that this would get time-consuming and expensive rather quickly! Or, are they represented with something else? I do enjoy crafting, but I wouldn’t have too much time to actually make phys-rep of all commissions!

Right, back to casing the leather for my first vambraces :wink:

No you don’t need to make an actual sword each time, although eventually there will need to be a phys rep, what you actually get in your character pack will be a piece of printed ribbon.

This will need tying onto a weapon, piece of jewellery, robes or whatever to actually be used, but whether this is yours, or your buyer’s is entirely up to your own arrangements.

If you want to have something to point at when selling your biting blade and don’t actually have a larp safe appropriate sword then a stick wrapped in a cloth will do fine, until the buyer produces their own phys rep.

NB, you can also offer to bind the item to their character (until bound they can’t use it’s abilities), as you made it and know the item type it’s free for you to do the binding. Whether you charge or not is up to you!

If you want to have a fighty character who just happens not to go through the portal whilst in Anvil, there are definitely ways round that. You can talk about all the fighting you are doing in downtime, and just be otherwise engaged that morning in Anvil - remember half the players will be monstering anyway.
If you want to get in fights in Anvil itself (not very common), other players will almost never be trying to kill you since murder is punishable by execution, so it’s fairly low risk, and challenging the other player to keep their feet still for a fairer fight should work. I’m friends with an awesome wheelchair fencer :slight_smile:

Isca generally doesn’t do big battles because she gets a bit indiscriminately enthusiastic. I don’t even tend to carry weapons in uptime, which works surprisingly well - other characters can’t assess what you are likely to do.
‘Do not act incautiously when confronting the crayon-faced murder monkey with no visible weaponry and a worrying smile!’.
Downtime, Isca is probably the person who worked out that it was more effective to stampede a whole herd of woolly mammoths over a cliff than to stand in front of one woolly mammoth with big tusks at a time.