Where should i get wepons?

Hi i’m new to Empire and LRP in general, having never played before i am a bit unsure as to where is best to get weapons (ideally a sword/shield combo) and was wondering if anyone could help?
(if its of any importance i’m playing a character from Wintermark)

Hi there! I am new to and asked just this question a few months back when booking my my E3 ticket. There are lots of traders I understand at the events with a great selection but if you want to get something nice pre-event for a bit of a swing around I went EPIC ARMOURIES via Larp Inn nice selection solid price all round very happy - Now I just need to pass the weapons check :grin:

Awesome, Thank you so much:grin:

Get your sword at the event. You need to feel the balance as every LRP manufacturer is different. Sheilds are pretty much generic. Since you are wintermark there are tons of round sheilds around.
If you have issues with your new sword during the event you have a good chance of getting it fixed.


do you know how much the props at the event tend to go for as i am just trying to work out all my costings?

Expect to pay up to 70 to 80 for a 42inch sword.
For a shield about 100 maybe less if you buy both from the same vendor and haggle.
Its expensive but remember a solid sword that is made well and cared for will last a long time.
I would say this too. Spend alot of time browsing.

My two favourite traders are Skian Mohr and the work of Andy Rimmer. And Light Armouries make some nicely weighted swords…

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Thank you!

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A slightly cheaper option on the sheild might be this

I have one at just over £50 it’s great! Might leave you a bit more to spend on your sword :grin:

I am an axe man myself!

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i do already own a mace but it is full foam and looks like one from the game skyrim so i wasn’t sure if it would be ok

I suspect that might not pass the weapons check. The advantage of buying at the event is that if your weapon does fail checks the vendor is almost assured to replace it :+1:

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If you have one, did it fail the check?

Welcome, spikelyle, to the hobby, the game, and these forums :slight_smile:

I have to agree with the others on here: it’s best to buy stuff on site.

As Wander says, the shield may be a little easier, but if you buy a sword online, and it feels bad when you get it, and then it fails the weapons check, you’ve got a problem.

If you buy one on site, you can get it checked quickly and take it back if it fails. As far as I know…

As mentioned, shop around. There’s a lot of variety. If you’re playing in Wintermark, you could also ask people there for advice as to where they got theirs, possibly borrow a few to try them out… and maybe get some folks to come along with you to help.

You may even run into someone wanting to sell some older weapons? Or lend you them for an event?

Have you found the Wintermark facebook group?


i thought so thanks

i hadn’t no, thank you thank you

Always 100% buy in field, or from someone who makes weapons for the field if you’re after something custom.

I have a light armouries sword and shield £160 for both and they’re both more than fine we’ll into year three!

If you have any specific Wintermark questions that’s where I’m currently playing and I’m happy to answer them :slight_smile:

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thank you

Over the years, the majority of my weapons are from Eldritch, who usually trades at events. Slightly cheaper than most other manufacturers, they are solid reliable pieces I have used time and again. I bought a sword from him in 2005 that’s still going strong (although it tends to just be a spare these days).

Strongly agree with all the recommendations to check them out in the field, especially as you’ll want to experiment with shield grip styles until you find one you like. The prices are usually the same plus you won’t have to pay for shipping!


Thanks :grinning:

Highly recommend Light Armouries, he provides brilliant weapons that are both practical and look gorgeous