Where were the battles?

While I am aware that both of this weekend’s battles were in Reikos, does anyone know exactly where they were? I was trying to find out all weekend. I’m looking as much for any local information as anything: I’m not asking for strategical purposes, rather more for future tales round the campfire. Ideally to give them a name as in “The Battle Of…”


It is possible I have mis-remembered, but IIRC The Sunday battle was fought near The Sign of Tamar and the Monday battle was in the region of Riverwatch.

TimB is correct.

In which case, unless anyone has anything to add, I am going to henceforth be referring to Sunday’s battle as “The Battle of Tamar Grove” referencing the location and the fact there’s a Spring regio there.

Monday I was monstering, but if anyone else wants to designate a name for the battle (or something gets clarified in the meantime) I’ll run with it.