Which Orc masks are best?

I’m interested in buying my own orc mask for monstering (the PD ones are ok, but I want something a bit more personal).

I’m aware there are a few places to get them, which are the best? Which do Imperial Orc players prefer?

Ideal I’m after something with an open mouth section so my beard can stick through (plus I find them a bit cooler), and something that won’t break the bank too much.

All of the PD ones, and a high proportion of the Imperial orc masks are made by Mandala Studios who will do any amount of customisation you like.

The PD masks are fine, if you find one that fits, but get one that is a bit loose, and monstering is much more difficult (a solid hit can spin the mask around, and then you are straight screwed!).

I bought one of the basic Mandala masks, then I sewed the fabric at the back so it fit tightly to my face and cut away the material I didn’t want so I could breathe better.

Because it is mine, I can do what I need to to make sure it stays mine.

One thing I did find, don’t paint war paint onto the mask and expect to be able to clean it off. You just end up taking off the paint from the mask all the way down to the latex layer, which does not look good.

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If your seeking Imperial Orcs opinion/advice I would suggest to get more of a reply posting in the nation forum on here or the facebook

I got a Mandala orc mask (small) on the Thursday and it fit really well. I only took it off once while. Monster in on the Saturday, and that was because I thought we were finished! It was really comfortable, even in the heat.

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