Which virtue has the most interesting auras?

Each virtue has different role- playing auras, many of which are pretty darned interesting.


I’d like to be a priest that specialises in auras, but which virtue should I pick?

Which auras do you think are most interesting to role play under the influence of?

(I’ve heard tell of heretical auras, but let’s leave these alone for now as they aren’t available to new characters.)

I am a Loyalty crow and have had excellent fun providing Anointings on the field and hallowing items to teach people a lesson.

However in both cases it was using someone else’s priestly skills to do so.
One was Hallowing some necklaces with the Wisdom Hallowing of The Questor after they had blindly taken some curse coins from a dodgy person.

The other one was when I arranged for the Pride Hallowing of the Diplomat to go on the spear flag of a certain shouty member of the Hall, whilst it was lyinng on a table in the hall surrounded by several group members. It caused a huge amount of roleplay and some DELICIOUS fallout


I find aura’s to be brilliant permissions slips for people and to reinforce a behaviour that person wants in play. People have a terrible excuse for avoiding fun things which is “oh my character wouldn’t do that”, well now they have a card or ribbon saying they totally would.

In terms of my favourite, in general I think Hallowings are more fun than Anointing. Anointing has the better “mechanical” effect as it’s a source of spiritual strength but my personal opinion is that if someone is going for mechanical benefit over roleplay fun then they’re on a road to disappointment.

There are a number of Hallowings I really like, I play a Courage priest so I’m a little biased.
First is the Hallowing of the Irontooth which is "You feel driven to expose cowardice and corruption regardless of consequences.!
The other is the Hallowing of Inga Tarn which is “You feel an urge to confront and defeat dangers that threaten the innocent.”
I do like all the Courage Hallowing, they push individuals to conflict and that is fun in game, they work really well for lots of character styles, from bombastic to quiet (I like the idea of a quiet academic who is utterly intractable, just politely refusing to go along with things they believe is wrong)

Other Virtues, I think the Vigilance roleplaying effects are big and clever and not used enough in play. There are so many ways one can go with them.


As my first character was a Priest of Courage I have a deep fondness for the Courage Auras and I’ve seen some profound consequences from The Purity of Courage anointing on the field :).

Any uncertainty about your chosen path falls away. Fears and doubts - whether your own or those of other people - do not move you.

I also like the Anointings and Hallowings of Wisdom, the anointings are great for helping people to get out there and do stuff. Also who can’t like a virtue with a hallowing like this :wink:

You feel an urge to chastise fools , and those who spread folly or use hindsight to criticize others’ wisdom.

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I had some great fun with Loyalty auras, and frankly the answer to who Yosef was truly loyal to may have shocked people if anyone noticed :smiley:


I think a better question would be to ask yourself which virtue you’d like to talk about most. People may come to you to be dedicated or ask advice about your virtue. Regardless of the auras, you should want to RP about your virtue.


Each Virtue is incentive for a different sort of play, and there’s variety within them. Make a list of things your PC might encourage themself or others to do, then see which Virtue matches up with that, then use the auras that ‘help’.

Auras can be a set of principles that shout of you, a set of tools that your PC uses to push their spin on virtue, or both.