Who wears the pants?

Hi everyone! Happy new year to you all! I’ve been slowly assembling a costume this last year for my first tour of Anvil, but have been stuck on the issue of pants. So, what pants do you all recommend? Are there nation specific pants or is it a one fits all type of deal? I’m looking at the Burda 2459 pirate pants, apparently they also make a good general larp pants. Thanks for your help and hope everyone has a brilliant 2021!

There are suggestions for bottom half styles on the costume pages for each nation as there is some variation in what suits those nations best, but if it’s what you have or get cold, then wear them!

League, Marches and Dawn should be close fitting, you’re aiming for hose, can be easily represented by leggings, in suitable colours of course.

Urizen and Brass coast should be loose leg trousers, although in different colours!

Highguard favours robes and surcoats so in most cases you’ll see very little of any trousers, as long as any modern top is covered almost anything will work, probably in black.

Varushka, navarr and wintermark usually use standard Larp trousers, baggy to the knee and then wrapped below, although Varushka’s will possibly be baggier, and appropriate colours needed.

Imperial Orcs again go for robes so which trousers are underneath is less visible.

The pattern you have linked above is for breeches that end at the knee. 2 problems, they’re a bit too late historically for any nation, and you’ll get cold, wet and muddy! better to have trousers go to the ankle and then your boots go over the top so everything stays warm.

As a costumer myself I tend to suggest people buy trousers. Drawstring linen ones are almost universal size, leggings are cheap so it’s just not worth making them. I have made some for myself but as they only go under my skirts on cold events they’re not nation appropriate for Empire at all!

Oh and please note skirts are perfectly appropriate for any character, whether they are part of a long robe or a separate garment, which can be great for summer events too.


Would love to look at the wintermark suggestions, but the link to the pattern seems to be dead. Your response contained a lot of info, picking through it, I guess linen trousers might be the simplist answer to what I was asking? Linen trousers… yes?

And thank you for your reply! Genuinely appreciate it.

I found this… would this be okay for wintermark trousers?

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Yes for wintermark linen trousers will work fine, if you’re looking in charity shops (when they’re open) check the ladies side too.

Worth also looking at some leg wraps too, not only will they help look the part but the extra layers around your lower legs will keep you warmer and keep the mud from getting through to your skin.

If you’re set o making them this includes a pattern:


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Yes that pattern will work. You may want to make the gusset a bit deeper and longer than shown as that’s what give you the range of movement for fighting battles in. Easy way to check make up a pair in scrap fabric (old bed linen is great) and then see if you can sit cross legged on the floor. If your gusset seams split at that point add a bit more fabric, then you are less likely to get an unwelcome draft while fighting!


This design with longer legs would also work.

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Thank you so much! I’m going to have a browse of these tonight. Much thanks again!

One option that gives you the look of hose is Jodpurs, which you can pick up relatively cheaply and they’re a bit more hard wearing than the traditional Primark leggings :slight_smile:.

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If anyone’s looking to buy (or make) those, they’re called puttees and they do a similar job to gaiters: they stop mud gobbets/splashes (or snow or gravel or leaves) from going up your trouser-legs or into the tops of your boots or shoes, by covering the join between them.

At one very muddy Empire event, after a lump of soft mud went into my shoe beside my ankle I bought a pair made of nice slightly stretchy wool, wrapped them around tops of shoes and up to just below the knee, and was very pleased with them for the rest of the event.

Cotton ones are cheaper but disadvantages are the lack of stretch, the cloth slides over itself more easily so it doesn’t stay in place so well, and the way it soaks up water.