Whoop yeah Empire 4 2019!

Greetings to everyone who’s already made it home from those still in the field. Once you’ve got some food in you, why not tell us about the highlights of your event?

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I managed to come! The weather was beautiful! I am back in the Synod! <3 I had sad grief RP that was some excellent catharsis. I got to wear my cope for a good chunk of the event and I think it looked ace. Hugs. Huuuuugs. Yesss.

I’m nearly home…

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Biggest highlight was stopping trading one night for the 1st time in 2 years to have a proper R&R night.
Used up the goosewhisper that was burning a hole in my bag - My buddy wouldn’t ever do it because ‘Why would I use a resource that could be traded?’.
Thankfully it was a new friends birthday (OC… so it was IC aswell :smiley: ), so a combination of peer pressure and guilt won through.

Second highlight was the sausage inna bun guy in the Marches. Savoury food for sale IC is uncommon (Usually its cakes and cookies), and HOT food for sale was a dream come true for a couple of guys who don’t have an IC group avec communal dinners. I heard that their red wine and beef stew was lush aswell.

The event also served as a solid reminder to get the aircon in my van fixed :slight_smile:


Becoming adjutant.
Impressed myself that at 42 i can still run 100 metres pretty quickly…
Impressed i can fight off 4 orcs at once…thanks to a vorpol sword and having cleave as a skill too…
Singing songs round a fire pit in the tower.
My chapter
My nation
My freinds.


I hate to be ‘that guy’ but if someone is selling hot food IC then they are possibly breaking the rules.


Had a great time, particularly enjoyed the Lord Rain audience and the meeting with Hand of Dumon.

But the real highlight was the weather, for sure: what a lovely end to the year!

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Not performing Whispers Through the Black Gate. My coven and I were asked to perform the ritual on Friday, then postponed it for various reasons until Saturday, then were convinced by a number of different people not to do it. Then I had to convince someone else not to do it either!
It seems odd, but not doing the ritual generated a lot of roleplay for myself and others.

Travelling to a location in one of the Realms, a personal goal for my current character. Plus the encounter was super tense, kudos to the plot team for the set dressing and all the tension.

Possibly getting an Arcane Projection codified for entry into Imperial Lore. Another personal goal.

The battle on Saturday was great fun, with a number of close moments.

Monstering the battle on Sunday was also great fun. Sorry, not sorry.

Being referred to as an “August mage of the Empire” and having people seek me out for advice. It feels very weird.

The Highguard Magisters meeting is definately hitting its stride now, which is great. It’s something I started as an experiment, it’s heartening to see others are enjoying it.

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They were trading IC, for IC money, those rules only cover trading hot food for real money.


Ah, good to know!

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Finally got to go to an event!

Was on the outskirts of conclave and heard screaming in the regio. Went outside and saw several people on the ground. I then fulfilled a life long dream of running into a room and shouting “is there a doctor in the house?!” . Well I actually said “pardon me but there was an accident outside and we need physics!” But the sentiment was the same.

Did battle on Saturday and that was fun and chaotic and kinetic. I was told it was one of the most mobile battles Empire ever had. Got shot 3 times in one minute in the chest, arm and groin so that was less fun. My staff was too short (Haha yes yes) so the only thing of tactical significance I did was fetch the water carriers durring a lull, but I’m damn proud of that! Also got to do a bit of looting, which is my favorite part of roleplaying games
The skirmish was also fun, I liked the small scale. I didn’t like getting shot in the face and spending 10% of the skirmish looking for my glasses. Found them though and got back in.
After reading a lot of winds over time, it’s really cool being able to contribute to the story in a small way.

Saw the camps and did a little trading. I like selling home made curios but in game stuff is rough.

Loved being spoopy with a mask and trading that way, especially with the Dunnings. Between their awsome tent, singing and atmosphere it made me feel like a respected foreign envoy. Cool moment.

Sunday battle. I donned the battle panda makeup, the face condom and a vague understanding of the Jotun brief and screamed about the ancestors for an hour as a Gohdi without herbs, props or much backup. It was epic.