Wiki Leatherworking Guide

The Leatherworking Guide can be found

The basics are there though it is very much a work in progress - with much of that progress likely to take place over the winter lull. :wink:
Step by step project guides will be added and will range from the simplest of pouches and boot covers to full scaled, moulded and tooled sets of armour.
However, if there is anything specific you would like to see please feel free to make a note of it on this thread and I’ll see what can be done.

This was really useful. Thanks!

Not enough people will thank you for putting this together, but here’s one more. Many thanks.

As a new LARPer this website is brilliant! I’ve decided I want to try crafting stuff despite knowing nothing about leatherworking.

Something that would be great to see is a section on types of leather and their different thicknesses? Like what kinds to use for which items. I’m trying to make some bracers now and not sure how thick to go.
Would love a guide on how to make monster accesories like pouches, bracers, weapon frogs.

Thank you!

I prefer really thick leather for bracers, but you can use any thickness really. Do you want them to count as light armour or medium?
Light Armour - Thin leather armour (between 1.5mm and 3mm)
Medium Armour - Thick leather armour (the majority of the armour is more than 3mm thick)