Wiki query - titles and naming conventions

Sorry not sure where to put this so the wiki editors will see it.

On the recently updated titles page … Autumn_377 The Highguard holders of some positions are not listed with their hold name which I believe is part of the naming convention for us. It’s correct for the senators but when you get down to the cardinals, most are just listed as ‘of Highguard’ which could cause problems

It’s only a complication because some names are repeated in different holds, and it might not be clear to others who is meant:


Asher of Highguard was appointed Cardinal of Courage (replacing Lazarus of Highguard) [/quote]

There are at least 2 Asher’s in Highguard, I do know which is meant but it isn’t clear here.

I’m sure the various position holders would be happy to supply you with hold names if they can be updated.

Trying to be helpful and not pick holes, honest!

It would be helpful if the group the title holder is part of was mentioned in general I think, people can get mixed up easily.

Have we settled on a naming convention for folks from Highguard?

Does “Asher of Felix’s Watch, Highguard” work?

I’d prefer “Asher of Felix’s Watch, Highborn” as an adjective describing the individual rather than using the noun to describe the nation.

OC: Henry Who Hates Forums

IC: Brother Jared of the Suns of Couros Chapter, Highguard; Steward of the Dead, Magister of Winter, Cardinal of the Path of Loyalty

I think the naming convention doesn’t have anything to do with it, The name on the character card and the group they are part of would do it best and side step anything confusing. That means that naming convention between groups can have different nuances while the individual is still able to be identified.

Whilst there may be more than one Asher in Highguard, there is only one Asher in the Assembly of Courage.

The Generals, like the Senators, are National Positions appointed by their nations with national interests.

The Cardinals are appointed by their Assembly, which are diverse, and (allegedly) the interests of Cardinals are not flavoured by national interest concerns.

(Also the Synod data that we use is listed by name and congregation, not group/region, so I am justifying not having to do the extra work needed :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Oh OK, I’ll fix it at some point but there’s work to be done before event 1, so maybe from after event 1 onwards?)

I imagine that it comes down to whether people put “X of Y” in on their name field, or just put the name. I know I put “Jael of Adina’s Charge” in when I did chargen, which presumably means it appears like that on any name lists generated by the system.

And now that groups that are neither banners, sects nor covens no longer exist, there isn’t a handy potential catch-all group to pull people from. Maybe it’s best if people give their group affiliation when they attain a position that will go on the wiki?

I would think because Highborn are all specifically [First Name] of [Group], it would help to include them the same way they’re listed are for Senators at the top of the page.

i.e. If I go to the League and say “I’m looking for Serrusta Caeli Rezia di Tassato”, I’m much more likely to get the correct answer than going to Highguard and saying “I’m looking for Asher”.

[quote=“DanielW”](Also the Synod data that we use is listed by name and congregation, not group/region, so I am justifying not having to do the extra work needed :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Oh OK, I’ll fix it at some point but there’s work to be done before event 1, so maybe from after event 1 onwards?)[/quote]

Until then people just need to make sure they add “that person who has something to do with an assembly thing” when asking looking for pointers :smiley:

One thing to bear in mind; this list is taken from IC information. I can’t actually put which Chapter Asher belongs to on the entry because I genuinely don’t know. I just write down what the civil servants tell me, and they write down what the players tell me.

As Henge(i)st knows, you can easily (sic?) get names on wiki entries such as these corrected by letting me or Matt Heath know the correct name.

You need to stick with whatever IC name the IC civil servant wrote down on the IC vote.

Nothing is going to micturate in Chaosgargler, exemplar of Anarchy’s, breakfast of choice more than when the wiki pulls her name directly from the database rather than putting down ‘Her most beneficent Nuncio Prouddimple of The Stout Yeoman’

Right so the basic answer then is to ask any Highguard/Highborn to make sure they include their hold or group with their name when submitting stuff to the civil service, which will hopefully then make everyone’s life easier!!

I think we can probably manage that. :slight_smile:

(Anything to make Andy Raff’s life easier!)

When you’ve tried to read prayers written in blunt pencil on a piece of damp paper balanced on someone’s knee in a thunderstorm, reading the e-mails and FB messages civil servants send me is easy as pie!