Winds of fortune: a fine and private place

The players finished their play, and took their bows. The audience was silent, until a small polite clap grew to a crescendo in the small tavern.
The actors quickly thanked the crowd and ran back stage. The farcical comedy of the ‘‘Empress Teleri and the Archmage of Summer’’ was one of their most popular plays. The paragons knew, the people of the Marches needed cheering up as grim curses ran riot among their farms and the first stories of the battle for Mournwold began to filter in from the south.

They had performed the plays countless times - even reduced the dour Highborn in Necropolis to tears of laughter during one triumphant, golden night. It was simple enough and suited their style - one act, set in the Chamber. Always the Chamber. Exposing weakness was such a key theme of the play, empowering the humour that comes from playing the Prince against the Mountebank.

Jane of Sutton asked the question first. When the heck had they decided to use the Tomb set instead? Mummer dramaturgy tended toward the improvisational but they usually at least blocked out the main thrust before each performance. This time everything had just … changed. Midstream, as it were.

None of them could agree who had first shaded the dialogue to include the mausoleum, nor when the throne had become the sarcophagus of the pious martyr. Each one of them had become so caught up in the scene, and then somehow the play had changed.

The comedy had still been there, but it had been darker. Blacker. The not-quite-romance between the pious Empress and the bawdy Marcher had an edge of tragedy about it, of loss. It was certainly not the play they had rehearsed, and it wasn’t at all what they had intended to present to the drunken patrons of the Horse and Six Buckets.

The crowd appeared to have appreciated it, so no harm down. Yet it was still a little worrying. They were due to perform the play again tomorrow at the Widderson Fair … this time with a few more laughs , hopefully.


This one is tricksy, and magical. It involves the formation of a new Winter regio at Anvil; a sinister invitation from the sovereign-lords of the Wasteland; and a change to the functionality of the Imperial Regio at Anvil. You can learn about all the juicy details here → … vate_place
Of interest to … well, potentially quite a few people … is this bit about tribute and boons: … _of_Winter which involves an anouncement which I shall include here even though it means this post will be a bit long:


Scions of Atun and Atuman; the royal houses of the Dawn; the tribes of Kallavesi and Suaq; the heirs of Aldrei the Fair; the scions of Terrunel; the Masters of the High Peaks; the Princes of Jarm; the descendants of the Sorcerer-Kings; the tribes of the Dragon; and the sons and daughters of Naguerro. Hear the words of the King Bound in Chains.
I have created a regio that will allow travel to a Winter Chamber from the fourth hour of the afternoon on the Winter Solstice until midnight of that day. Let magicians who are skilled practitioners of winter lore come to that chamber to speak with the sovereign-lords of the Wasteland.
Let it be known that this chamber is neutral territory between your nations and any others who may come before us as ambassadors of their people; any violence or theft against another guest will see that nation earn the ire of all the sovereign-lords of the Wasteland. Do not test our will; we are united in this regard. So swears Tharim, Skathe and Surat, Rangara and Kaela, Agramant and Sorin.

During this time we will accept tribute from your people in the form of Dragonbone. Each of us has prepared boons. We will magnanimously grant these boons to you in return for your tribute. Whichever among you gives the greatest amount of dragonbone for each of the boons we have prepared shall gain sole custody of that boon.
I trust that each of the nations we have invited will decide who will be giving tribute for their nation. let none who does not rightfully claim to belong to that nation offer tribute to us lest they incur the wrath of their ancestors.

So is my word given

Tharim, the King Bound in Chains


So … theres that.


The photograph is a frankly beautiful Beth Dooner picture from the recent House of Leaves event. I am not clear who is in it. I have put a border around it. I am taking suggestions for a prominent place to put it on the main wiki. Quite a lot of the words are the fault of Dave Young (who some of you may know as one of the Navarr egregores)


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