Winds of fortune: a land fit for heroes

Loyalty is a fire that spreads quickly - provided the wood is dry.


You may notice that I have avoided a big piece of flavour text here. That’s because this particular Wind of Fortune is more like a rules update than a typical event.

There are at least two more Skarsind-related updates to come. This one covers the political consequences of the Imperial Orcs homeland.

The Imperial Orcs now have a homeland - Skarsind. Probably have a homeland, I should say, because there is one potential complication.

You can read the full write-up here → … for_heroes but I will do a quick breakdown:

  • VETO - The General Assembly of the Synod can still veto the assignment if they get their arses in gear; it will count as their use of last event’s veto; the Senate will be able to re-raise the assigment motion this event if they wish - its far too late to do anything about the relinquishment now.

  • LIFE IS PRECIOUS - All Imperial Orc resources are now in Skarsind. You can opt out if you wish by telling us where in the Empire you would like your resource to be. You will then suffer loss of production like any other character with a resource outsid etheir nation.

  • WAR IS IN OUR SOUL: The civil service has discussed the election of the Imperial Orcs senators with the egregore and followed its lead.

  • LOYAL TO THE CORE. Going forward, generals will be appointed by unanimous decision of the senator. Custom may influence this as the orcs decide but legally the senator appoints the general.

  • WE ARE CITIZENS. Going forward, the Advisor on Orc Affairs will be appointed by unanimous decision of the Senator.

  • WE ARE BUILDING A NATION. The Brilliant Shore is now an Imperial Orcs national bourse seat allocated by vote of those orcs who own military units. The current (Steinr) seat holder is in an odd position, and the civil service will seek the advice of the Senate on how to proceed. The Steel Fist has moved to Skarsind from Necropolis making it one of the most short-lived pieces of text I have written.


Photograph is a lovely shot of the Imperial Orcs in Year One, from Steph Morris. I added the border.