++Winds of Fortune, Booking Deadline, Congregations++

Hi Everyone - we’re a day or so behind schedule but we’re making great progress so we’re planning to start getting the Winds of Fortune up today. That means you can expect updates from Andy throughout the day on those.

Also important to mention that today is the late booking deadline for the event. It’s fantastic that more than 1500 of you have already booked but we know lots of people leave it to the last minute! If you haven’t sent payment by midnight tonight then you’ll have to pay the gate price if you’re coming to the event. We’ll be in the office all day manning the phones, so if you have any problems booking - just give us a call (0845 0944 798).

Finally a quick update for all Synod priests (those players with a congregation or votes in the Synod). In the past, if you came to the Hub and found that you weren’t on the lists or were in the wrong list then the Synod Tribune - the Civil Servants who administer the Synod - would take it on trust that you were correct, and write you onto the required list.

Having done an audit, we’ve found that the majority of these cases are actually player errors - either they don’t have the right virtue on the system or crucially that they changed their resource to a congregation after downtime had closed (you must have the congregation at the start of downtime to get votes).

So going forwards, the Synod Tribune are going to try and check the system using their “Magic Books” to confirm the details of your Virtue dedication and congregation before updating the Synod records. Alternatively, the crucial details will now be listed on your character passport in your player pack, so if you want to carry that with you then you can just show them that.

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