Winds of fortune: cobwebs


“Come and look at this Getti!”

“What is it? I’m busy - mum says I’ve got to get this hauberk stitched by nightfall.” Getterson sighed to himself wishing that he didn’t have chores to do. It was not fair - Ani never got any chores and she was only four years younger than him. He tried to concentrate on what he was doing, but she kept pestering him and in the end he moved over to the tree stump where her toy rune set were scattered.

“Watch this Getti - see this one is Lanny and this one is Hirmuckle. Watch this”. His sister scooped the two runes up and cast them on the stump. They rolled round a few times and fell over, face-up next to each other.

“Amazing. Well done. That’s really good - it’s really impressive - why don’t you show mum? I think mum will want you to show her.” Sometimes it worked - sometimes it didn’t. Today it didn’t work.

“No look - watch.” This time she scooped up all the runes, tossed them over in her cupped hands twice and flung the whole set at the tree stump. Runes went everywhere, scattering like a flock of birds taking flight. When the mess had settled it was the same two runes, face up, dead centre, side by side. “I’ve been doing that every morning - it’s always the same Lanny and Humuckle - every time. What do you think it means?”

Getterson stared at the stump and pondered. Mum was a runesmith but he’d never had the knack of the things, but mum said Ani might. “You need to show mum” he said finally - and this time he meant it.

Okay … sorry about the lateness. There was some wrangling. Its a Wind of Magic and its … pretty profound. Lann and Hirmok are dominating, and the astronomancers say a conjunction of the Web and the Chain are having some pretty meaty effects.

The significant effects are:

  • Mercenary banners will not work during the coming event
  • You can use the power of a Bondring twice a day, rather than once a day
  • The ritual Braying Horns of War works on an individual target, not a band.
  • You can make the rituals Circle of Trust, Traitor’s Fate, and Scrivener’s Bloodmark permanent for only a single ring of Ilium

On Saturday the conjunction reaches its height and the effects get even more pronounced:

  • During time-in on Saturday, you can’t cut bonds between bands (Covens, sects, banners) with create bond - you need to use actual ritual magic
  • Any coven can perform an extra coven ritual during this time - and only on Saturday.

As always with a Wind of Magic there are some specific roleplaying effects people can experience:

Awareness of personal loyalties is greatly enhanced, to the point where you can draw on them as a source of spiritual strength to respond as you like to roleplaying effects that try to get you to betray your band, sect, or banner.

Sorry again about the lateness of this WoF. If you’ve got any questions I can answer them until I head to site, after which we will need to speak to refs and (hopefully) egregores in the field.

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