Winds of fortune: dark skies

“What is going on here?” Papiria demanded, furious. The representative of the Imperial School of Medicine bobbed in her wake, a disapproving frown creasing his features.

The patient continued to writhe on the floor, despite the best efforts of the two sentinels attempting to restrain her. Cella of Imperus had been slight even before her sojourn at the Spire of Twisting Shadows, yet the two muscular orderlies struggled to keep hold of her. She arched her back, spit, tried to sink her teeth into the hand of the woman desperately trying to keep her from tearing her own eyes out. Cella’s face was a mask of blood - Papiria could not tell if the damage to her cheek indicated she had succeeded in destroying the left one.

“I don’t know, ma’am,” Healer Escius wrung his hands, hovering on the other side of the struggle, pale and obviously beside himself with worry. Splashed dropelts of fresh, crimson blood cut across the front of his pastel yellow robe.

“Please,” he implored the orderlies. “Be careful. She is very weak.”

Belying his words, Cella of Imperus managed to tear free from one of the two sentinels, and ranked her fingernails across the face of the man holding her right arm. To his credit, he kept his grip, turning his face away from her to protect his eyes. Fresh bark began to knit across the gouges in his cheek as a third warden dashed past Papiria and grabbed Cella’s flailing legs. With the three orderlies working together they finally managed to restrain Cella. Healer Escius immedately knelt beside her, laying his hand on her damaged face and speaking healing words with a confidence that did not match his wretched expression.

As naga woman ushered her guest back down the corridor, she could hear Escius attempting to soothe his patient.

“I’m very sorry,” said Papiria turning back to the visitor from Anvil. “But you must understand that some of our patients have been badly damaged by their experiences, and the risk of violence is unfortunately not one we are unfamiliar with.”

The chirurgeon nodded, but his gaze lingered on the confused jumble of bodies behind them. The Anvil Hospital and Imperial School of Magic was grateful to the Spire of Twisting Shadows for the regular donation of herbs that Speaker Origen had helped arrange … but it was clear he did not approve of the treatment of their patients.

Three celestial phenomena outlined that are of special interest to magicians and to people who live in Holberg and Skarsind. You can learn about them here → … Dark_skies

One that is worth calling out is this bit which may be relevant to anyone wishing to create an arcane projection at the next event:

The creation of an arcane projection has become a little more difficult. This does not change the mechanical details of how an arcane projection is prepared or used, but anyone who creates one during the Spring Equniox experiences a roleplaying effect: they are tired and drained, as if they have spent several hours performing strenuous physical and mental exercise. This condition persists for at least an hour unless removed in some fashion (such as by the boundless energy of the briar lineage). The exception to this is the people of Witnermark who can create arcane projections without additional effort.

There’s also something about naga but I am not going to tell you what it is. Why are you asking so many questions?

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