++Winds of Fortune E1 2019++ A time of plenty

“This is never going to happen” he said. Although Gabriela tried to love her brother the way she felt a sister should, his pessimism was a near-constant in their lives. Just occassionally - like right now - it drove her crazy.

“Probably not.” she settled on. Would it be enough? Alas no.

“Why are you persevering then?” What was it about pessimists? It wasn’t enough to be convinced everything was going to fail - oh no - they had to validate their beliefs by convincing everyone else that everything was going to fail. She wondered if there were any pessimistic architects in the world. She hoped not, for their sake.

“They probably asked Zemress the same question.” It wouldn’t work with her brother, he was too used to her, but sometimes people would be shocked when she mentioned the paragon so casually and they would shut up. It worked often enough it was becoming a habit.

“You’re not Zemress.” He moved closer, clearly trying to get into her line of sight, presumably to make her acknowledge he was talking so she focussed harder on her drafting board.

“Nope. But I’m trying to be. She’s a paragon for a reason Hebi - she’s supossed to inspire people.” When she was day-dreaming she like to imagine that maybe, just maybe, he was wrong. I mean anything was possible… but that was her little secret that she never told anyone. Foolish to even think it.

“She’s an exemplar Gabi. It’s different. Point is your dock is stupid, it doesn’t do anything.”

Gabriela had absolutely no idea what the difference between a paragon and an examplar was but someone had explained it to her once and she had decided they were quite wrong. Paragons were better than examplars, and nobody was better then Zemress, so that meant she must be a paragon. And now to the other point. She turned to face her brother, bettter to get this over with quickly, then she could get back to drawing, hopefully without any further distractions.

“You’re wrong Hebi, you’re quite wrong. My seminary does do something. It inspires. That’s what it does. It lifts up the human spirit, it reminds us to contemplate the virtues and the lives of those who have been virtuous before us. It drives us to pursue a virtuous life, which is the purpose of living. And who knows what might come of that? Yes it will be expensive, but if it inspires enough people to support it then it will happen - and if it doesn’t then it will fail.”

Hebi made to argue with her again but she cut him off. “It’s ok to fail Hebi. I’m an architect, not a general. Nobody dies if I get this wrong. Trying and failing is virtuous, it’s failing to try that is a sin. Now please, can I just have a moment’s peace? I really need to finish this before the Solstice.” Her tone was cajoling now, a reflection that her patience was running out.

“No! Sorry - that’s what I actually came to tell you. That priest is back again - the one with the funny clothes. The Mash Potato fellow. He wants to see you again.”

Paragons save us! She was not going to get any piece at all today that was now clear. Why did everyone have to keep bothering her?

Hebi could see his sister was at the end of her tether so he went in for the kill. “I reckon he fancies you…”

Gabriela threw her favourite pencil at Hebi as he ran out of the room laughing. But she was laughing herself by the time he came back leading the visitor into their study. “The Präster to see you Gabriela, about the paragon Zemress.” She scowled at his mockery one last time as he shut the door leaving her alone with the beaming priest.


The Prosperity Assemby sent Gilah of the Chantry to consecrate the Kraken’s Bane with true liao. It is now an inspirational tomb dedicated to Zemress, Exemplar of Prosperity … but it could be something more. You can read about this opporrunity in more detail here → http://bit.ly/WoF_Plenty

Zemress is already a renowned Exemplar, but this consecration represents an intriguing opportunity to bring the people of the Brass Coast and the prosperity assembly together not only with the descendants of Zemress - the Zemress islanders - but also with the Sumaash pilgrims who recognise Zemress as a paragon. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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