++Winds of Fortune E1 2019++ Lethal and Elusive


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Lethal and Elusive

The western forest of Liathaven subsides into quiescence. Overextended following a recent attempt to expand, weakened by the lingering touch of Winter magic, the chance remains for the Navarr to win a rare victory over the vallorn. To reclaim Westwood, to reunite north and south for the first time since the fall of Terunael. But the sands of time slip away - soon the window of opportunity will close and who knows when - or if - it will come again?

The Navarr are not the only people in Liathaven - the Feni of the Woods that Fell have disappeared into the forest. At the same time, their estranged cousins in the north have passed from Hahnmark into Hercynia - but the northern Feni show no signs of vanishing peacefully into the forest; quite the contrary…

Moving swiftly with practised skill, First-To-See climbed back down the tree. They were tall here, great pines that reached up towards the clouds, but the branches were thin and treacherous. Several of the smaller ones had threatened to snap beneath his weight. Not for the first time he longed for the familiar trees of his home.

Foolish. They were gone now. The young and the old longed for what could not be. Those who were of age lived in the world that was or they died.

Died or worse. This was their land. The old ones. The ones who had chained the world. The Feni remembered them. One wrong step here and his sept would find themselves in chains again. That must not happen.

“What did you see?” someone hissed at him as he approached the ground. The hunters were waiting for him at the base of the tree, eager for word, so he dropped the last ten feet landing lightly.

“A settlement, a small one, but well defended. Not the North People - one of the Wood-Chainers I’m certain.”

“Could we raid it?” his sister asked it, already starting to string her bow. He smiled at her eagerness but he shook his head. “No - it’s too strong - maybe if we gathered the clan we might - but not now. We need’ll to keep moving - get past it under cover of darkness.”

“What of the gods? Was there any sign of the Swift?” the hunters fell silent to let First answer the Wyrd Walker’s question.

First looked down and shook his head. “Nothing. I looked everywhere - but there is no trace of him here…” First’s voice trailed off. Everyone was thinking the same thing - but nobody had the courage to say it to the Wyrd Walker’s face.

The Wyrd Walker held his gaze for a moment before turning away, the barest indication for First and the other hunters to go about their plans. Night would be on them soon, they had best make ready.


An opportunity exists to face the vallorn in Liathaven; this wind of fortune lays out some of the strategic considerations and may be of particular use to those who wonder how the Empire would fight what amounts to “a wicked forest”. There are also details of the Feni situation in the west and north - with particular reference to the situation now that the northern part of the Woods-that-fell have entered Hercynia.

You can read all about these situations here -> http://bit.ly/WoF_Liathaven

That’s it for this evening - there might be a slight hiatus tomorrow depending on how much we manage to get signed off in the morning - but we’re gathering steam a little and we should see plenty more updates over the next few days.


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