++Winds of Fortune E1 2019++ Moving Mountains is no Easy Task


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Moving Mountains is no Easy Task
Imperial Synod especially the Prosperity and Highborn assemblies

The Cinderpath Exchange was proposed as a way to allow the Highborn to sell white granite to one another in line with their particular philosophy of a fair price. Twice now the Senate has refused to approve construction - but the Prosperity Assembly disagrees and ultimately encourages people to start asking difficult questions.

What is the virtuous path for those lucky enough to have white granite, mithril, weirwood, and ilium? Who exactly benefits from the public auction? Is it the common citizen? Or does it simply channel more money into the pockets of the wealthy? For that matter, what right if any does the Synod have to interfere in the business of making money?

Abe leapt forward lunging to strike his opponent, a quick flurry of strikes design to take his opponent off balance. Ruth blocked the first with her sword, the sound of the wood clashing echoed through the chamber. She slid a foot back smoothly taking her out of the reach of his follow-up. She returned her weapon to guard without even bothering to riposte. Abe was a good pupil, he didn’t need another bruise to know he’d left himself open.

“Keep your calm. You’re gritting your teeth before you attack. I can read it. Don’t get mad.”

Abe lowered his weapon and tried to regain his composure but the more he tried to relax his grip, the more angry he got. He could feel his anger rising inside him, impossible to control.

Ruth smiled sadly at her pupil. She walked over to the table, put down her weapon and gathered some water from the fount to wash the dust from her hands. “Wash” she commanded Abraham. “The lesson is over. Now tell me what’s on your mind.”

Abe’s head fell, downcast, but he did as he was instructed by the older woman. “It’s just… the thing with the Senate - the exchange. My sister was so angry when it was turned down. She has five wains of white granite to sell that we bought from the Faraden. The Cinderpath would have been the perfect way to get a fair price and still ensure that it was used virtuously. I don’t know what to tell her to do. Bartimaeus said the exchange was virtuous but it isn’t going to be built and nobody seems to know what to do. But we have to do something!”

Ruth stopped drying her hands on her skirt. She considered the problem for a moment and then smiled again. “Perhaps your sister should choose to do nothing.”

“No! Virtue demands we take action - we have to do something.”
Abe was clearly frustrated, he’d expected more, but she only grinned at his failure to understand her. “Lets go and find your sister and have a talk. Politics is like war, sometimes - just sometimes mind - choosing to do nothing is choosing to do something.”


The saga of the Cinderpath Exchange continues; the Prosperity assembly in particular appears to have views about the virtue of the public action. You can learn more about the situation here -> http://bit.ly/WoF_Mountains

Beyond the specific Exchange itself, there are also opportunities here for the General Assembly to state their opinion on the matter of the public auction and the sale of valuable resources. They might encourage merchants to look to strengthening their own nations, or declare that seeking the highest possible profit from one’s goods is truly virtuous.

This is a pretty straightforward Wind of Fortune, with some potentially significant implications for the Empire at least over the next year if the General assembly does enact one of the offered mandates. Its worth carefully reading the second section even if you have no interest in the Cinderpath Exchange specifically, and even if you aren’t a priest.

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