++Winds of Fortune E1 2019++ Nowhere and Everywhere

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Nowhere and Everywhere
Imperial magicians

The ability to speak with the denizens of the six magical realms, with the full authority of the Empire behind them, is one of the key powers of the Imperial Archmages. During the Autumn Equinox each of the six used their power of plenipotentiary to arrange meetings with eternals from each of the realms.

Messages have been received from the Prince of a Thousand Foes; the Regent of the Eternal Sea; the Eldest One; the Sovereign-Lord of the City of Locks; the Archives of Silence; and Conscience-of-Kings.

Not all have agreed to formal parley, but during the coming summit the magicians of the Imperial Conclave will be able to treat with some of these eternals - for good or ill.

In a land of both shadow and substance, a herald brings a letter. She walks through winding avenues of metal and stone and always moving water. She walks to the palace of the one who rules here, nestled resplendent at the heart of the ever-changing streets.

When she finds the Sovereign they are tending to what in other places might have been described as a garden, or a conservatory. Where their delicate fingers touch, the branches of twisted metal bend and break at their will. Where they pass, flowers of living silver and gold open their faux-blossoms and turn to follow there movements.

The herald stands quietly, waiting to be recognised. After several minutes, the masked sovereign inclines their head almost imperceptibly in acknowledgement. The herald unfurls the letter, scanning it to refresh her memory.

“We have a missive.” she says. “It is from the Cassinean Empire. A parley.”

The Keeper of the Iron Weir does not look at the herald, does not smile.

“I wondered when Macus of Endsmeet would get round to us.” They say, distantly.

They start to walk, the hem of their long robe whispering across the stone flags of the courtyard. The herald follows. The two talk as they walk.

“It’s actually from someone called Lina daughter of Feliciana, on behalf of the Archmage.” says the Herald. “Lina is Adelina, I think, from a later line.”

“Is it indeed.” The Patron of Spies and Traitors is interested, now. “Has there been a challenge? Is Adelina archmage now?”

The herald pauses, cocks her head, pausing for a moment as if listening intently to someone else, then hurries to catch up with the Sovereign.

“Not as far as we know.” says the herald quickly. “Indications are that Marcus’ position appears strong following the Reed resolution - or so our agents report.”

“Fascinating. So what do they want, then?” The Guardian of the Black Vaults does not break stride.

“There’s a list.” says the herald, reading verbatim. “They want to discuss acquiring information about the relationships between the Druj and the eternals, maps of Druj territory, ways to catch and set more spies, and details of barbarian armies.”

“Well well well. Marcus and presumably Adelina. Together.”

The Sovereign pauses, and looks directly at the herald for the first time, their eyes flickering between silver and bronze.

“Tell them yes on all counts. Then summon the Vizier, and find me something that will make a nice gift. Let us see what the Empire has learned.”


Plenipotentiary allows the six Archmages to arrange meetings with the eternals of the realms. Six messages have been sent and six replies recieved. You can read about their responses here → http://bit.ly/WoF_Nowhere

Three of the eternals have agreed to parleys - one in the Hall of World; one has agreed to a parley on the understanding that one of the rules will not be applied; and one has agreed to a meeting but not a parley. One of the eternals has declined a meeting but promised aid in other ways - to be dealt with no doubt in a later Wind of Fortune.

We’ll have several more up tonight, I reckon, so don’t go to bed too early.

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