++Winds of Fortune E1 2019++ The Path That Winds

“Is all this really neccessary? I mean it seems like an awful lot of expense just to mitigate the effects. There must be a better answer surely?” Megaris was staring at the map and mentally calculating how much mithril was involved. The numbers were staggering - more mithril than she’d ever seen in her lifetime.

“Did you see the latest letter from the magicians still living there? They’re barely hanging on. They’re desperately waiting for someone at Anvil to come up with something - anything - they can try. I believe they’re waiting in vain. We’ve won Spiral - but if the powers that be don’t do something soon - we’ll lose it all the same…” Hera’s voice trailed off as she pushed her chair away from the table so that she could face towards the map. Her brother Antes, had moved to White Plume Mountain in Spiral just five years ago and there had been no word since. She had steeled her heart to accept the inevitable, but it still ached to talk about it.

Megaris turned to face her colleague. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that… I know…”

“It’s fine.” Hera cut her off - she didn’t want to talk about Antes, it wouldn’t do to lose her poise in front of her sentinel. “The point is that we have to do something.”

“I get that, I just… I dunno. I guess I hoped it would be easier than this.” The younger woman groaned to herself as soon as the words left her mouth. How could she have made such a foolish slip? She liked Hera, but the woman was so uptight she would make a Highborn question their virtues.

“Hope? You Hoped did you?” The tone was sharp, accusatory. Hera was animated now, leaning forward in her chair.

“It’s just a word Hera. There’s no need to call the Iniquisition - I’m not about to start my own cult.”

“Do you ever wonder why they banned Hope Antes? I mean Hate you can understand, and Anarchy is even worse. But Hope? Why do you think they forbade Hope?”

Antes decided to shrug. There wasn’t going to be a right answer to this question and she shoped a shrug might avoid having to give one. The long pause that followed forced her to admit the shrug had failed and some words would be required. “I guess… like… the Virtues are the good ones. And the others are… not good? For some reason…”

“Perfect - you’ve nailed it.” Hera sniggered. "The others are not good. Very insightful. " The woman gestured to her ushabti and the creature shuffled forwards to push the chair over to the map, only stopping to allow the illuminate to collect her stick from the desk as they passed it.

“Hope is the belief that some force is going to solve your problems for you. That somehow everything will just turn out for the best. No need for Courage, no need for Ambition, Wisdom, or Vigilance. No need to take action. Just Hope for the best! Hope is the most dangerous of the false virtues, because it breeds inaction. Why would you bother to build a network of towers to contain the Plateau when you Hope something better is going to come along? Hope is for those just wishing things would get better. The virtues, the true virtues, are what drive us to actually change this world for the better.”

“But these towers don’t really fix the problem - they’re more like a bandage on a wound. Only this wound is not going to heal.” Antes wasn’t sure she understand what the towers were actually going to do but she’d rather talk about them than have a lecture on the virtues. Anything but that.

“You’re half right. My towers won’t fix the Black Plateau. But I’ve seen nothing that can do that. But it will heal - given time. I calculate it will return to quiescence in perhaps nine or ten decades.”

“A hundred years!?!” The note of shock and horror in Antes’ voice was plain, bitter memories of the last campaign against the Grendel flooding back.

Hera just shrugged. “Well if you don’t like it… We can always just - “Hope” - things will get better”.

This is a wind of fortune about Urizen. One curse. Four opportunities - one for each territory - and a fifth opportunity courtesy of the Denizens of the Outer Realms. You can read about them here -> http://bit.ly/WoF_Path

Highlights include:

  • Freeing people from Zenith - including some Highborn soldiers
  • Making it possible to live in Spiral without going mad
  • Unleashing devastating natural forces to make sure Morrow is never invaded again
  • Spening out a message of H… I won’t spoiler it
  • Boons from the Fat Sloth for Urizen, Highguard, the League and Varushkan magicians (and an offer of a little bit more)
  • Dangerous Janon offers its own take on “help the Urizen” which cannot possibly go wrong

That’s the last Wind of Fortune for tonight by the way, so you can all go to bed. Which is what I plan to do as soon as I hit “share”.

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