++Winds of Fortune E1 2019++ Unleashing The Storm

The orc slammed the tankard of Marcher beer down on the oak tabletop with relish, wiping a thin layer of foam from his scraggly beard with his one good hand. The other lay casually on the table, but Bakka couldn’t stop her eyes sliding down to stare at it. Instead of a hand, the rangy orc had a vicious looking trident, the base where it adjoined the wrist wrapped in heavy strips of faded orange cloth. There was no sign of blood - the wound was not fresh - and as he had already demonstrated he was adept at using it to spear pieces of roast fish and shove them into his gob.

“So there we were,” he said. “Three of us facing down against a spined drake, with only short blades and small shields. The others were panicking but I wasn’t going to let all our training go for naught. I grabbed the other two, shook them, shouted in their faces, got them to focus. It was a big bastard, but there was only one of it. As long as we kept an eye on the tail we could flank it just like any other solo opponent.”

“I sent the human feinting left, and Throm right, and I kept the beast focused on me by beating my shield. They’re vicious but they’re thick, spined drakes.”

“Sure enough it comes forward ignoring Throm and the human. It arches that nasty tail of its over its head and it strikes forward but I’m ready for it! I roll an throw the shield in its face and then…”

The old orc brought his trident-hand up, and mimed sweeping with it.

“Then I grabbed it. Grabbed the tail. Set my feet and hauled away like I was raising a main sail. The crowd… well the crowd went wild. It was… Thousands of them roaring at once. It was like a wall of sound like being in the middle of a thunderstorm. It was…”

He shook his head.

“It was incredible. I couldn’t keep it up but I didn’t need to. The beast went wild, trying to pull away. That was all the human and Throm needed. They were in on the sides, in on the belly, with their little blades. Dropped their own shields, two-handed butchery on the exposed parts. The drake got free of me - my hand was ruined torn apart by the spines - but it was all over bar the shouting. We’d won, and whatever the politics behind that little bit of attempted murder were we were feted like kings that night.”

He looked off into the distance speculatively. “I never saw the human again. I was bought three days later by some minor Grendel. Outfitted me with this and took me to Vorlach with her. I heard Throm died six weeks later in some bullshit melee. Without me watching his back…”

The old orc sighed and shrugged. Bakka caught the eye of the paradour master and another pair of mugs appeared on the table between them. The old orc jabbed his trident into the roast fish, and ate some in silence.

“I’ll tell you something though,” he said. “They cheered us but if they knew… oh if they knew how much we hated them… they’d not have been cheering they’d have been running for their lives the whole lot of them.”

He licked fish juice from his moustache, gazing off into the distance and into the past.

“It’s good story that,” said Brakka. “And you know what’s really interesting is that’s the second story about the coliseum of Beorath I’ve heard today.”

The orc reaver gestured across the bustling room to where a sturdy orc woman was regaling a table of corsairs with a tale of her own.

“You two should meet, I think.” said Brakka. “And there’s quite a few other people who might want to meet the pair of you, I reckon. Yes indeed.”

Right now the last thing the Grenel are going to expect is another raid against the Broken Shore. So that, say a number of people with a crazy glint in their eyes, isexactly what the Empire should be doing… You can read about their suggestion here → http://bit.ly/WoF_Unleashing

This Wind of Fortune has particular relevance to the Imperial Orcs as it represents an opportunity to resolve one of their current problems, but it also has some relevance to Imperial magicians given the involvement of the Regent of the Eternal sea.

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