++Winds of Fortune E1 2019++ Years of an inch and a step

“Is your wife joining us for supper Master Robin?”

The tables were groaning with food, the centre of which was a great pie with a thick golden crust and steam rising from the gravy beneath. It would have looked delicious at any time, but neither Enoch nor his husband had eaten today. Their supplies had run out just before King’s Stoke, but they both agreed it was better not to go into that town all things considered. Fortune had rewarded their virtue and this kind Marcher family had invited them in to share their repast. They had managed to enjoy a relaxing hot bath in a steel tub and now they were desperate to eat!

But it would be dreadfully impolite to start before their host joined them. The good lady had been here when they came in, but she’d left her husband preparing the meal while she went out some time ago. It was going dark outside and while Master Robin seem unconcerned, both of them were a little worried for her. Partly they were worried the pie might go cold - but still - what could a farmer be doing once night fell?

“Aye, she’ll be back in just a moment, don’t you worry. She knows exactly how long it takes me to get the taters just right!” Master Robin continued to add plates of food to the table, a big bowl fulling of vegetables roasted in honey. The smell of it was driving Enoch crazy.

“What is your wife doing? Perhaps we could lend her a hand?” They’d have to wash again, but it would be worth it if they got to eat this incredible meal a moment sooner!

Master Robin was returning to the oven. Surely there couldn’t be more food. There were just four of them and the family’s children, how much food could these Marchers possibly expect them to eat? He turned to face them with another bowl in his hands.

“No, no. No need for that! The reward for a good job is more work! She’s just tending to grandfather. He’s planted in the orchard at the end of the near field.”

“Buried” Ira correced the Yeoman instinctively.

Master Robert just shrugged. “Buried. Planted. Same thing.” He smiled as he placed the last bowl on the table, it was filled with potatoes, roasted in spices and slathered in butter. Behind him the door opened and the Marcher’s wife stepped in out of the cold.

Enoch moved his arm to place his hand on his husband’s knee to give it a warning squeeze. Now was not the time.


The grey pilgrimage begins in earnest; but there are still a few questions to be asked and answered about its ultimate destination - can traveling the trods really be an end in itself? After all, a pilgrimage is a journey with a purpose - and a destination. You can learn more about potential destinations here → http://bit.ly/WoF_Inch

Just to reiterate something - the effect of last events mandates will be felt across the entire Empire for the coming season.

As all nine nations chose to endorse the mandate in support of Highguard, each nation will incur a penalty of 36 rings to every farm and business and one rank lost from each military unit during the coming season.

Highguard suffers no additional loss - each Highborn business and farm continues to lose 72 rings from their income, and each Highborn military unit continues to suffer a loss equivalent to two ranks of fighting strength.

By the start of the Spring Equinox however, all these penalties to farms, businesses, and military units will have run their course.

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