Winds of Fortune E2 2002 ++ Blood Makes Noise ++

Last season, the Empire turned its attention to the security of Ossium. Hundreds of Imperial heroes, two entire armies, and an untold number of wagon raiders, sellswords, wardens, Navarr guides and scouts, Imperial Orc preachers, and Dawnish knights have been helping with the settlement of the territory. You can read all about it in BLOOD MAKES NOISE which you can find here: Blood makes noise - Empire

This wind of fortune has sections of interest to:

  • Varushkans, especially those from Ossium and Karsk
  • Dawnish folk of various kinds including knights of all types
  • Imperial Orcs interested in learning more about the sept of the Menrothat
  • The Imperial Senate
  • Military unit captains of all kinds
  • The Imperial Spy Master and people interested in the Forest of Ulnak
  • People who like (or dislike) the Ketsov

it’s a bit of a behemoth to be honest with you, with a number of different sections and a few moving parts in it. I can only apologise.

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