Winds of Fortune E2 2002 ++MAKING YOUR MIND UP++


The fascinating paradox that an orc can be recognised as an exemplar, but is unable to be a member of the very virtue assembly that recognises them as such, has been addressed by the General Assembly. The Constitutional Court have been called on to find a solution, and you can read about their findings in [Making your mind up - Empire](https://MAKING YOUR MIND UP).

This is of particular interest to

  • The Imperial Synod

  • The Imperial Orcs

  • The Imperial Senate

  • People with strong opinions on orcs and virtue

We’ve also made an addition to the Virtue Inquisitor titles (it’s pretty minor frankly) making it explicit that they are like Cardinals in that if you change assembly (whether by the current means or the newly proposed one) you cannot vote for one in your new assembly if you voted for one in your old assembly less than a year ago. I suspect it doesn’t effect very many people.

Anyway, that is our last Wind of Fortune for the evening; expect to see some more soon!

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