Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++A Strange Land++

The territory of Ossium is now part of Varushka - but there is more to assimilating this former Druj-controlled land than simply saying it is Imperial now. You can learn about some of the challenges facing the new settlers, and some of the solutions, here ->

There’s plenty to unpack here, with information about the Ketsov and their suggestions as to how their prosperity might be assured; an examination of how the new territory might be made fit to support a fourth Varushan army; the question of what to do about the Sand Fishers - one of these answers may surprise you - and the wider issue of assimilating the populace, bringing them to the Way, and getting rid of the damn Druj miasma.

There’s also a unique mandate option - a kind of “build you own mandate” - which we’ll be watching with interest to see how it pays off.

Oh yes. There’s also some helpful suggestions from the Thule who, after all, have their own stake in helping get the territory under control.

We’re hoping against hope to get all the Winds of Fortune done this weekend - after a strong start we faltered a little on getting them all done as early as we’d like. But we’re making progress!

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