Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++Chaos and the Stillness of It++

The vallorn of Brocéliande continues to try and spread into Boar’s Dell and Elerael. As has been predicted, its strength is only growing. So far it has been held back for six months… Can the Navarr and their allies continue to hold it at bay or will the dam being to crack? You can find out more about the situation here →

The Navarr still have allies -

  • the support of the nobles and yeofolk of Astolat and Semmereholm cheering on their knights-questing and -errant
  • the congregations of Highguard sending monks, fighters, and supplies
  • the Spears of the Pine - the warriors of the Great Forest orcs a little late to the party but hopefully arriving in time to make a difference
  • and the hungry eternal Tharim who has sent some quite frankly peculiar allies to help the Navarr

There’s also some mention here of the situation in Liathaven, and what’s going on with the Feni in Hercynia, towards the bottom of the page.

The opportunity here is complicated because the vallorn makes everything 78% more complicated, but hopefully its clear enough how it works.

That’s our last Wind of Fortune for the evening. If we work like maniacs tomorrow we might get everything finished before Monday starts which would be excellent. If we manage it. Me, I’m for my bed.

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