Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++Conduit of Destiny++

Once, Wintermark was acknowledged as the place where all the best heroes went for their magic weapons, armour, wands, and rings. Then the Thule stole away some of the most puissant runesmiths and people started to forget that the form of the north practically invented the idea of magical items. You can learn more about this situation - and the opportunity to construct a grand rune forge - here →

There’s a lot to unpack, with ancient ancestral heroes and challenges for whole parts of the nation.

That’s out last Wind of Fortune for Spring Equinox. The boss is just arranging the major conjunctions which will go up shortly or first thing in the morning on the Winds of War page.

I am away for my bed so I can get up stupidly early and pack. I’ll see you in the field!

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