Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++DOUBLE OR NOTHINGNESS++

Because everyone loves the Iron Confederacy… This Wind of Fortune deals with the repercussions of the Senate law making it illegal for Imperial citizens, with the Silent Bell investigation into liao smuggling, and with renewed requests for assistance from the Suranni “freedom fighters” of Dumon’s Hand. You can find it here →

There’s also some discussion about who Dumon’s Hand are and whether anyone should be talking to them at all - now that it’s no longer considered inappropriate by the Synod to ask impertinent questions of the followers of other faiths.

It’s worth reading in conjunction with the Iron Confederacy entry in the “Trade Winds” round-up which you can find here →

#WhatEvenIsACrimeAnyway, #TheInnocentHaveNothingToFear, #WhereTheHeckAreTheyGettingAllThatBlood