Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++Home Fires++

The Marchers are looking at what they can do to support armies. Proper Marcher armies, ideally, obviously. But there’s some wriggle room if people want it. You can learn about the opportunities presented here ->

The first option is to create a new Billet order that could be used in the bits of the Marches the Breadbasket covers to take some of the costs of running armies off the Senate’s shoulders… and incidentally maybe encourage armies to hang around the Marches in case any orcs turned up.

There’s also an option to show appreciation for people who’ve been fighting away from home, and help them get themselves set up with a good Marcher farm.

And finally an eminently practical solution about how to protect the Bounds of the Marches from the good Bregas of the fens.

#CouldntFindAGoodCerneAbbasGiantSadly, #ABedForEverySoldierOrAtLeastABarn, #EvenDawnishIfWeAbsolutelyHaveTo