Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++HONEY AND VINEGAR++

The second of our honey-themed titles is about mana and gratitude. The news that mana bequests to the Conclave are drying up means that crystal mana is a topic of heated discussion among magicians. Several specific opportunities related to mana in one way or another are detailed here →

They include:

  • A proposal to improve the ability of the grandmasters to buy mana with the aid of League entrepreneurs in Tassato, Temeschwar, and Sarvos
  • A proposal to build a fourth mana exchange in Holberg dedicated to supporting the warmage, the Bursar of the Concave, or potentially both
  • Details of the gratitude of the Landskeepers as Rivers Run Red remains restricted, including an offer to the people of the Marches, a potential gift for the Silver Chalice, and an enigmatic visit to the Throne.
  • An offer by the peculiar Hylje to create an odd floating trading hall on the waters of the Rikkivesi, providing mana and a more formal detente between the sealfolk and their invariable cousins.

In the event you haven’t heard, by the by, there’s been a development with the Conclave font. If you missed Matt’s post, you can find details here →

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