Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++Lost in Translation++

The slaves freed from Dubhtraig after the Autumn Equinox were each offered a home in Skarsind among their Imperial orc cousins. Unfortunately, in the absence of support from the Imperial Senate, the refugees tried to make their own way north… during one of the worst winters in recent years. This has not gone well and you can read more about their current situation here - >

With lost refugees scattered across two-thirds of the Empire, its going to take more than a Senate motion and some money to round them all up and get them safely to Skarsind - its going to take a whole bunch of Imperial heroes prepared to schelp from one end of the Empire to the other… possibly with nets.

There’s people (and “people”) prepared to help, apparently out of the goodness of their hearts (and “hearts”) but does anyone really do anything for altruistic reasons?

#IWouldHaveCalledThisOneDevilTakeTheHindmost, #CanWeLayOrcTraps?, #IfOnlyTheydStopAndAskForDirections