Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++Music of a Distant Drum++

The Trade Winds blow primarily for the human nations, very few of which border the Empire directly. The immediate neighbours of Imperial citizens are not humans, but orcs. Four great nations and innumerable smaller tribes - some of which even live within the Empire’s borders. You can read this event’s roundup of “orc affairs” here →

Following the link you can hear about the love-hate relationship with the Thule; an offer from the Great Forest orcs to get with the program; the unstable status quo in the Mourn; a delegation of Jotun looking for answers; a development in the Mountains of the Moon; and also the Druj and Grendel are there.

We’re hoping for two more Winds of Fortune this evening, as we inch closer and closer to the finishing line. I have no idea if we’ll manage it.

#InternationalIncidentsAreGo, #OfficialChannels, #GoodPeopleOnBothSides

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