Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++One More Day's Light++

So… you remember the other day when I said there’d been no more communication from the Druj? I may not have been entirely truthful and you can find out why, and what the Empire might do about it, here ->

The main thrust of the Wind of Fortune is about the Children of Papa Otec and the opportunity to get into the Barrens and get some people out, as arranged by the Spring Archmage during the Winter Solstice.

In addition to sending military units on the foray - which counts as a Carry Out Reconnaissance action or as we used to call it “spy network” - the Empire has some other options. These include a daring strike deep into the barrens that might cripple some of the Druj patrols and secure a potential sanctuary; and a chance for not one but two generals to support the foray and put their own particular spin on the outcome.

I’m going to quickly step back and make some minor edits to certain other Winds of Fortune before I put the last one of the evening live. If I’m honest I wasn’t 100% sure if this one was going to go this way or not, which is why it’s not alluded to in detail elsewhere.

#ItsAlwaysDarkest, #MiraclesHappen, #FirstTheyMustCatchYou