Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++Pitiless as the Sun++

The Winds of Magic then. Not the most in-depth in the history of WoM, but a rundown of significant magical effects and a catch-all of eternal activity that fit nowhere else. You can read it here ->

In addition to the usual stories of invisible stars, warped skies, and magical castles there are a couple of specific highlights:

  • A subtle curse that bedevils the people of Weirwater which is probably the fault of Edric de Gauvain.
  • Glowing mists in the vicinity of the Grimhold, in Miekarova
  • The cool disappointment of the eternal Llofir and how it is taking the news of its enmity
  • The sorrowful news that RIchard of Holberg has died
  • The sad news that the resolution of Merauds challenge has been delayed - and shocking revelation of his meddling with imperial magic
  • and several others

There’s one more Wind of Fortune to go which will be up very soon; the boss is just finishing his flavour text.

#WorstFlavourTextEver, #WhoEvenIsEdricDeGauvain, #TinyKoboldiHappinessMarchGo!