Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++Smash it Up++

Regardless of what happens over that Asavean Architect business, the Empire is now short at least one questionable statue. Specifically, a statue related to Janon built near Temeschwar - now a pile of expensive rubble. You can learn about why this has happened here ->

In response to a statement of principle by the Assembly of Nine, a particularly Courageous warden fellowship has taken it on themselves to act against the nearest symbol of “reverence for the eternals”.

What’s more, they’re not sorry and they will definitely do it again. All they need is a little bit of approval, and a little bit of direction, and they will actively pursue people and things that put the dreadful spirits of the realms in anything like a position of authority over the souls of the faithful.

#TakeThatTinyStatue, #WhatWouldJanonDo, #CleaveToWhatYouKnowIsTrue