Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++The Illusion of Majesty++

Anvil is as much a place for people to come to find other people as anything else. Sometimes they want to get the to do things, but just as often they want to sell things to them. Or buy things from them. Here we have a number of opportunities that have a certain transactional quality to them and may be of quiet interest ->

They include:

  • A special offer from Estavus, complete with free gift
  • Some former bandits looking for a new boss
  • A peculiar card game associated with the eternal Prospero
  • A bakery in Upwold, ideal for someone who wants to retire to bake licorice-themed goods
  • A bracelet in search of some diviners
  • And a scatterbrained night eternal looking to buy songs from the High Bard in return for… things. Shiny things presumably.

There are three more Winds of Fortune due to go up tonight,but they’ll still be there in the morning so go to bed why don’t you! It’s late!

#EveryoneAlreadyHasFarmsSoDoOldCopsBuyABusinessInstead, #WhoDoesntLikeBronzeMinotaurs, #GamblingWithFavoursWhatCanGoWrong