Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++THE MATHEMATICS OF TEARS++

During the Winter Solstice, the Sarcophan Delves sent a delegate to participate in the Liberty Pact summit. They committed to end slavery and were an active participant in the discussions, but the Delves chose not to sign the pact once it had been drawn up.

Over the last several months, however, representatives of various bedelaar husbaas have sent emissaries to the Empire with proposals intended to forge stronger trading ties between the people of the Delves and their Imperial “neighbours” to the north. You can read about these offers here →

Some of these offers are straightforward, some are more complicated, but all represent opportunities for the Empire to increase its Prosperity by entering into trade agreements with Sarcophan entrepreneurs.

I’m hoping to get another Wind of Fortune up this evening; the pace should start to increase now we are getting nearer to the event.
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Wow, that’s an info dump on the Sarcophan delves…

Well hey we get to be bessie mates with them if we want :smiley: