Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++THE RISK-ALL POINT (TRADE WINDS)++

The Empire is not alone in the world. There are five other great nations that are its peers, and a large number of smaller nations that cannot approach it in raw power but whose concerns are more immediate because they are closer. We’ve already looked at some of the large-scale events going on in the wider world. Here we have the traditional Trade Winds that talk about things on a more intimate scale. You can read about developments in thewider world and how they might affect your character here ->

This is a long Wind of Fortune but I’ve done what I can to break it up into easily digestible chunks. Indeed, if you are a fleet captain you can just click through the various “trade with X” sections and learn everything you need to know without worrying about the wider picture.

This event has a strong theme of international politics. There’s at least three more winds of fortune to come that focus on the wider world (orc affairs of course, but also some things to do with the liao trade, and options regarding detente with the Sumaah). I’ve added a “further reading” section at the bottom for people who want to drown themselves in geopolitical gimcrackery.

And now to bed!

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