Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++The Warmth Of An Invisible Light++

After the Winter Solstice, a crack team of Imperial heroes launched a daring raid into Zenith to free as many of the people trapped there as possible. Now they are safely back in Redoubt and Morrow, the question of what to do next remains. You can learn about the details here ->

This Wind of Fortune follows on directly from the Wind of War for Zenith which you can find here -> 383YE_Spring_Equinox_winds_of_war#Zenith

There are three opportunities, two of which are conflicting.

The first two are down to the Urizen assembly to decide.

  • Commit to retaking Zenith in the immediate future, keeping the refugees in readiness
  • Admit that the conquest of Zenith needs to wait for a more fortuitous time and settle the refugees in Morrow and Redoubt

There’s also a separate option for the Highborn to evacuate the children, the broken, and the wounded regardless of which option the Urizen choose, and give them sanctuary in Reikos where their safety can be all but ensured. As long as they stay out of any sinister wardrobes, obviously.

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