Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++To Loose the Fateful Lightening++

Pirates. Orc pirates. Orc pirates of the Broken Shore. Thousands of them. Preying on Imperial merchant vessels like they own the entire Bay. Isn’t it about time something was done about them? Something nasty and final? You can learn what that thing might be here ->

A chance to put a stop to the piracy, and also a chance to interrupt some unpleasant celebrations practiced by certain nasty orcs that involve sacrifices to Siakha. It won;t be easy - the Bay is very big and the Grendel have a lot of ships - but its achievable. Assuming someone can herd all the cats into position.

I should probably add some more information about the “rites of Spring” the orc pirates celebrate but you can probably fill in the blanks yourself. Sharks are involved.

That’s the last Wind of Fortune for the evening. By my reckoning there are three more to go - the conjunctions, the winds of magic and a Synod outcome. Assuming we don’t fin any more down the back of the sofa. But its gone midnight and we should all be in bed which is where I am going right now, to dream of rabbits and sharks.

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