Winds of Fortune E2 2019 ++What will be, was not++

The saga of the Cinderpath continues, and has expanded significantly to involve all the nations of the Empire at least peripherally. No more white granite on the public auction, and almost every other material showing a marked decline. It’s not all bad news though - as you can discover if you follow this link →

There’s a bunch of stuff about the public auction, but there’s also some opportunities. Thanks to the mandate of Bartimeaus, people in all ten nations are looking for ways to strengthen their homelands. Some have been presented already in this seasons’ winds of fortune, but there are three more included here:

  • The Invisible Cord Brokerage, designed to make the most of the fact quite a lot of the Empire’s weirwood comes from Navarr
  • The Clever Magpie, intended to get hold of ilium for the runesmiths of Wintermark
  • And the Hand of Guerra, a Freeborn ministry with some serious responsibilities toward the lost and the oppressed

There’s also an invitation to the national assemblies to make some suggestions about ways the nations could help themselves - for the duration of the Spring Equinox any statement of principle that deals with ways their people may strengthen the nation rather than line their own pocket will receive the same scrutiny if it achieves a lesser majority as if it receives a greater one.

#EntireEconomiesAreBasedOnTheLiftingPowerOfLittleOldLadiesInBlackDresses, #ToLoseOneBourseSeatIsUnfortunate, #SmoothTheHandThatShapesTheWorld