Winds of Fortune E2 2022 ++NIGHT IS THE CATHEDRAL++

Everyone who comes to Anvil has their own story; here are four of them. You can find NIGHT IS THE CATHEDRAL here: Night is the Cathedral - Empire

This wind of fortune details four people, or groups of people, planning to come to Anvil during the Spring Equinox. They have opportunities of one kind or another and include:

  • Grendel with relics of the exemplar Zemress to sell

  • Recreational apothecaries from Axos and Faraden with wares to sell to the jaded elites

  • An emissary of the City of Gold and Lead with unique items for Cat’s Curiosities auction house

  • And a Navarr guide who wants to talk to Prosperity delegates and especially the Basilisk of the Bourse about what it really means to be prosperous

This is the penultimate Wind of Fortune and the last one for this evening. Tomorrow will see the Winds of Magic go live and then we’ll be done.