Winds of Fortune E2 2022 ++SOME KIND OF FIGHT++

Yaw’nagrah and the Heirs of Terunael. What more needs to be said? Quite a bit, obviously, which is why SOME KIND OF FIGHT exists and you can find it here:

This wind of fortune is likely to be of interest to:

  • Navarr

  • The Advisor on the Vallorn

  • The General of the Towerjacks

  • Imperial heroes, militia, and people who don’t like killer trees

  • People with mana sites (if only as a reminder)

It’s partly an update, and partly provides details of some opportunities to take the fight to the servants of the Green Mother and those dreadful Heirs of Terunael. It even contains a very rare kind of Sentinel Gate conjunction that may give the General of the Towerjacks some sleepless nights.