Winds of Fortune E2 2022 ++THE BIRD AND THE CHILD++

Our first WInd of Fortune for the Spring Equinox is THE BIRD AND THE CHILD which you can find here:

It’s the plenipotentiary Wind, as is traditional, and details the responses from the eternals the archmages have sent messages to during the Winter Solstice.

There’s actually seven responses which is impressive given only six messages were sent, and there’s eight eternals involved. You’ll need to actually click through to the link to find out how this all adds up!

This is likely to be of interest to

  • Archmages and Imperial Conclave

  • Specifically invited guests including Imperial Orcs, the people of Urizen and WIntermark

  • Folk with iridescent gloaming or ambergelt who are in the market for a new scarf

As always, you can keep up with all the winds of fortune as well as various bits of Other Business that don’t merit an entire wind themselves with the Spring 384YE Winds of Fortune page on the main wiki (which you can find here: