Winds of Fortune E2 2022 ++TO SEE WHAT YOU SELL++

The third Wind of Fortune concerns three questions of Prosperity in the Empire, and you can read about the answers (for a given value of answer) in TO SEE WHAT YOU SELL here:

This wind of fortune is likely to be of interest to

  • The Imperial Synod (especially the Prosperity assembly)

  • The Imperial Senate

  • The people of Urizen, especially those who live in Redoubt, own a fleet resource, or are interested in very peculiar suggestions about how to improve Prosperity

  • Folk who like the Sand Fishers

  • Freeborn people who want to celebrate their Prosperity (or who have opinions of the Broken Wheel)

There’s also a neat summary of where the Sand Fisher plot is, and honestly I think the Redoubt bit is worth the price of admission all by itself.

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