Winds of Fortune E2 2022 ++WATCHES FROM THE WALLS++

One last Wind of Fortune for the weekend. At the Winter Solstice, not one but two assemblies sent Severin Teyhard von Holberg to consecrate the Holmauer Gate with True Liao. You can read WATCHES FROM THE WALL here.

This wind of fortune is likely to be of interest to:

  • The League, especially citizens of Holberg
  • The Wisdom Assembly
  • The Imperial Senate
  • The General of the Towerjacks

There’s all kinds of things going on here but I’ll not spoil it. Suffice to say that Holberg’s status as a City of Wonders is only enhanced by whatever is at work around the Holmauer Gate!

We’re nearly done on Winds of Fortune - there’s a couple more and then we’re into the home stretch of Trade Winds, Visitors to Anvil, Winds of Magic, and the final Conjunction round up. Wish us luck!