Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++A DREAM THAT CAN LAST++

Our second Wind of Fortune involves the Sand Fisher orc tribe of Ossium. The Imperial Senate voted to encourage the orcs to move to Misericorde and with the assistance of the civil service they have taken up that offer en masse. They’re already establishing villages and exploring the marshes of their new home. You can learn about this situation here →

Ceding the region of Misericorde has meant that the Empire now only controls six of the seven regions of Holberg but the move has not been without benefits. The farms of Holberg might be terrible for growing actual crops but the Sand Fishers are adept at finding herbs and in return for free roaming rights they’re providing those herbs to the farm owners.

There’s an opportunity to build a covered market just outside the walls to encourage the orcs to trade with the people of Holberg - without any more unfortunate frog-murdering incidents in the Menagerie.

Finally, there’s an opportunity for the Imperial Orcs and the General Assembly to reach out to the orcs and help them recover from centuries of being under the thumb of the Druj. Although in the case of the general assembly there’s also the question of who to send to speak to them because this might well be a situation where every priest is not as good a choice as every other priest.

(I also imagine this wind of fortune has seen a fashion for fish and shellfish (and eels, and frogs) in Holberg. I’m arguing with myself as to whether I can get a whole wind of fortune out of it next event :slight_smile: )

#AreTheseYourDepressingWaterWeeds, #TheSignsSaidDontFeedTheFrogsNotDontEatTheFrogs, #TheresADownsideToHelpingPeopleGetTheirSelfRespectBack