Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++AFTER THE GOLD RUSH++

We normally create a single wind of fortune that lists various trading opportunities; this is that wind of fortune. You can find out about several of the things that are for sale, or that present opportunities to sell things, here →

They include:

  • A silent auction in the Hall of World hosted by a herald of Ephisis
  • A very peculiar invitation from an engimatic creature of the Night realm looking for people to come and entertain it via the Imperial regio
  • a chance to acquire an invitation to a high-stakes card game
  • the opportunity to become captain of the Passion of the Flame (a renowned Freeborn ship)
  • the opportunity to become the new leader of the League warband of reformed bandits known as the Revelry.

#TheNightCreatureEspecially, #WhatEvenIsASilentAuction, #YouMayRememberTheRevelyFromSuchEncountersAsSixBanditsAtACrossroads