Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++BETWEEN THE LINES OF AGES++

Iiiiits… plenipotentiary time! Woooo! ANd so on. You can find the responses from the eternals invited to chat with the archmages here →

This time round it looks like there will be no no-shows, although the Hag Queen’s proposed parely requires the Conclave to do something for her first.

There’s also a large number of these taking place in the Hall of Worlds rather than in a chamber, so there will be plenty for sightseeing mages to come and go “oooo” at (or have an impromptu party near depending on whether anyone can lift the Globbersnotches gloomy mood)

#TryGivingHimPilfMaybe, #IfYoureNotReadingDIEReadDIE, #SuchALittleThingSoEasilyDone