Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++FOUR STRONG WINDS++

The Brass Coast. It’s not having the best time at the moment what with three-quarters of its territories being invaded. But that’s no reason to be gloomy! Life is short after all, and it should never be dull. Now is as much a time to look to the future as any other - and the Freeborn are doing just that. You can learn about a whole lunch menu of opportunities - and some arguments - here -

This wind of fortune draws on a number of prompts - primarily statements by the Freeborn Assembly but also the clear message the Senate sent that they will not be giving up on Segura any time soon. Among the many delights on offer:

  • A mithril exchange in Kharaman to get some of the mithril from the Cinnabar Hills into the hands of the Freeborn
  • A fortified caravanseri in Segura
  • The Iron Qunat (again - this time with fewer naked satyrs hopefully)
  • The haven of Peredio - a salvage port designed specifically for servicing people crushing the Grendel

There’s also a few contentious things as well

  • A bounty offered to any military unit prepared to come fight in Segura in response to the Senate’s unanimous support of the territory. The wording is only mildly threatening.
  • A chance to condemn theft, and the implications that has for the corsairs of the Brass Coast
  • A chance to endorse theft - at least the kind of theft practiced by the privateers of the Brass Coast
  • A contentious opportunity to move the Broken Shore Bounty offices out of Cazar to the possibly significantly safer but definitely not-owned-by-the-Grendel streets of Siroc

All this and multiple invasions! I’m jealous of all the juicy drama heading the Brass Coast way this event :stuck_out_tongue:

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