Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++HEART OF GOLD++

Last Wind of Fortune of the night. It’s also about orcs. In this case, its about the Mournwold thralls. The Senate has commissioned an appraisal into integrating the orcs; the Marcher assembly has called for the people of their nation to accept the orcs not only as neighbours, but as members of their nation. You can read about it here →

There’s a bit more than just orc stuff going on. The appraisal has also identified a way that, now the Feni have been hoofed out, the Marchers could get a fifth army without needing to kill all the Mournwold thralls - which is nice.

There’s also a major religious question given the thralls weird belief that they reincarnate - and dealing with that without anyone getting murdered is going to be an exciting challenge.

Finally, there’s a question about what to do with the orc kids when they grow up and want to smash heads rather than living the quiet farming life of their parents. The Imperial orcs may be able to help with that, but will they want to?

As a tangent, because I am likely to forget tomorrow, I just want to say a hearty thanks to Stephen Kirkbride who has done a load of work behind the scenes to make Winds of Fortune happen at all this season. He wrote a bunch of first drafts for stuff turning our incoherent bullet points into paragraphs. Without the work he put in, we’d still be posting Winds of Fortune this time next week.

We have between four and five Winds of Fortune left to go, and then a bunch of “also happening” things to put on the Winds page. We will finish tomorrow. I mean we have to given I go to site at about 10am on Wednesday :slight_smile:

Anyway. On with the motely - assuming anyone has any left.

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